These Nerve Wrecking Toxic Tort Examples To Make You Ponder Once

Updated: Mar 03, 2022

Legal actions including allegations of toxic chemical exposure are referred to as "toxic torts." A toxic tort examples suit includes claims for exposure to asbestos, benzene, chromium, and lead; mold; PCBs; petrochemicals; pesticides; and radiation.

Legal actions including allegations of toxic chemical exposure are referred to as "toxic torts lawsuit."

A toxic tort examples suit includes claims for exposure to asbestos, benzene, chromium, lead, mold, PCBs, petrochemicals, pesticides, and radiation.

Toxic Torts Claims

Toxic torts often involve a huge number of people. A single claim may have the potential to grow into a multi-million dollar mass tort litigation.

Companies that face hazardous tort claims have an even greater challenge in managing and maintaining their legal defenses than those that do not face such claims.

Toxic tort claims are those in which a person has been damaged as a result of their exposure to dangerous substances or chemicals, which was caused by no fault of their own.

Is Mold A Toxic Tort?

Involved toxins include asbestos, toxic mold, lead paint (both old and new), pesticides, herbicides, unsafe medications, inappropriate toxic waste disposal, and other potentially hazardous substances and materials.

Toxic Tort Examples

In the following list, you can find famous toxic tort cases including:

  • Inadequate testing of prescription medications, as well as inadequate warnings about the possibility for harmful and occasionally deadly adverse effects
  • Pesticides containing compounds that might cause respiratory sickness and/or cancer are prohibited.
  • Waste products that are potentially hazardous, such as those generated by dry cleaners
  • Lead-based paints used on children's toys or on plates used for serving food goods have been linked to lead poisoning.
  • Products containing tobacco
  • Asbestos exposure may occur during the renovation of older buildings and the use of other potentially hazardous construction materials, such as certain carpet and tile products.
  • Beryllium is a chemical that is used in the mining industry, the processing of metal alloys, and the manufacture of aircraft components to reinforce metal.

Beryllium dust inhalation should be avoided at all costs by workers in these locations who use protective masks.

  • Diseases and diseases that develop as a result of exposure to toxic torts may result in long-term and occasionally deadly consequences.

Trichloroethane (TCE) - A Man-Made Solvent

Trichloroethane (TCE) is a man-made solvent that is often used in the cleaning of metals and other metal products. If left in the environment, it includes cancer-causing substances that may be absorbed through the skin, breathed in via our air, and, in the case of improper disposal, maybe consumed through drinking water. Moreover, it causes harm to the central nervous system, which may ultimately result in the death of anybody who has been exposed to it by any means.

Lead Litigation Partnership Of Bartlit Beck

The lead toxic tort examples are given below:

Lead Industries Association (State of Rhode Island)

Client NL Industries and seven other corporations were sued by the Attorney General of Rhode Island, and I was the lead trial attorney for them. The Attorney General tried to have the selling of lead paint in the past declared a "public nuisance" across the state of Rhode Island. When the jury was deadlocked following a two-month trial in August-October 2002, it decided 4-2 in favor of the defense. The retrial, which lasted from October 2005 to February 2006, concluded in an early stalemate (4-2 in favor of the defense) and finally in a judgment in favor of the state. In July 2008, the Supreme Court of Rhode Island unanimously overturned the trial result, forcing the State's case to be dismissed in its entirety.

The case of the City of Milwaukee v. NL Industries

Assist NL in obtaining a jury verdict declaring lead paint across Milwaukee to be a public nuisance, as well as holding NL accountable for expenditures associated with the city's children lead poisoning prevention program NL, formerly known as the National Lead Company, was said to have been the biggest manufacturer of lead pigment in the United States throughout the twentieth century. NL received a complete defense verdict.

-Barlit Beck LLP

Toxic Tort Attorney

Dickman Law has successfully battled a range of toxic tort lawsuits on behalf of their clients and their families to obtain financial damages in the following areas:

  • Medical expenditures
  • Lost earnings, including present and future\s
  • Emotional losses

Contact a toxic tort attorney at Dickman Law Offices to discuss your exposure claims and for information about your legal alternatives.


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