A Complete Guide About Moorhead Law Firm Attorney Detail

Updated: Mar 02, 2022

The Moorhead Law Firm was built on the traditional professional premise that the interests of the client are more important than the interests of the attorney, and this principle drives all of its attorney-client interactions.

The Moorhead Law Firm was built on the traditional professional premise that the interests of the client are more important than the interests of the attorney, and this principle drives all of its attorney-client interactions.

In accordance with that philosophy, the Moorhead law firm attorney detail** work is principally concentrated in two areas of law: trusts and estates and commercial law.

Moorhead's Service Range

Within these practice areas, the Moorhead law firm attorney detail services range from the most basic (such as simple wills, the creation of business entities, and the probate of wills) to the most complicated (such as complex wills, business entity formation, and probate of wills) (planning of large taxable estates, mergers and acquisitions, and advanced Medicaid planning).

It has created fixed costs for ordinary situations in order to make legal services more accessible for everyone.

Complex services are provided at hourly rates that are competitive with those charged by other legal firms in the neighborhood.

High Academic Honors

The lawyers have received high academic honours and have years of expertise in the fields in which they practise.

Their biographies are available on this page, and they encourage you to read them for further information on their credentials.

The firm improves the quality of its attorneys' services by maintaining the most up-to-date technology, subscribing to large online research databases in areas of practice, and sending attorneys to numerous seminars and continuing legal education courses each year in order to stay current and improve their legal knowledge and abilities.

It carefully picks staff members who are devoted to upholding the ideals on which their company is founded and who make their customers feel welcome and comfortable while doing business with them.

If you opt to employ this company for your crucial legal business, you will have the assurance that it will do the following:

  • Prioritize your own interests.
  • It'll keep you up to date

Matthew Couch - Attorney

Matt Couch practices in Moorhead Law Group’s litigation group in the Pensacola office. His practice areas include real estate and construction disputes, business litigation, and employment law. He also assists small business clients with a variety of matters, including employment issues as well as drafting and reviewing various corporate documents.

Matt also has a background in transportation law, with a focus on railroad personal injury claims and regulatory compliance. Matt has in-depth knowledge of and experience litigating a myriad of issues involving railroad and transportation law, alleged toxic exposure, general personal injury, automobile negligence, property damage, medical malpractice, and regulatory enforcement and compliance. In particular, Matt’s experience includes representing national and regional transportation entities at the trial and appellate levels. He has litigated claims arising under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, Locomotive Inspection Act, Federal Safety Appliance Act, Railway Labor Act, Federal Railroad Safety Act, Railroad Retirement Tax Act, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act, and related federal and state statutes and regulations governing common carriers.

Amelia Beard - Attorney

Amelia Beard manages Moorhead Law Group's Santa Rosa Beach office. It involves real estate transactions and conflicts, estate planning and administration, company creation, and civil litigation.

Amelia worked in the mortgage sector for a non-profit community development group in Atlanta, Georgia, before becoming a lawyer. Her real estate and mortgage banking expertise are broad.

Practice Areas

  • Real Estate Transactions and Developments
  • Property Litigation
  • Wills, Trusts, and Estates
  • Estate & Probate Administration
  • Business Litigation & Disputes

Experienced Representation

If you have been accused of a crime, it is vital that you retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure that your case is successfully resolved. This Firm's staff at The Moorhead Law Firm is focused only on the practice of criminal law, and It has no plans to expand. The accusations against its clients range from criminal traffic offenses to DUI, domestic violence to s*x offenses, felony assault to murder, and everything in between.

It always recognizes that being charged with a crime and attempting to navigate the legal system can be very stressful, if not downright life-altering. Its lawyers will zealously defend you at every level of the process in order to minimize the negative effect a criminal prosecution may have on your life. It is committed to delivering the finest Criminal Defense possible while giving every client the individual attention they deserve. With over 4000 cases under its belt, it is well-equipped to handle any sort of criminal problem.

It will shield you from the police and represent you throughout the duration of the criminal proceedings. It has successfully and efficiently defended thousands of clients who have been charged with various sorts of criminal offenses in the past. It is its goal at The Moorhead Law Offices Firm to provide you with the finest criminal defense possible at the most economical price possible. However, the importance of time cannot be overstated. To defend your legal rights, you must become familiar with them and take fast action to enforce them.

What Is A Lawyer's Group Called?

An organization of lawyers, whether local, national, or worldwide in scope, that is established mainly to deal with matters affecting the legal profession is known as a bar association, sometimes known as a legal association. In general, bar organizations are concerned with promoting the best interests of attorneys and other legal professionals.


It is important to be accessible since it acknowledges that there are several law firms ready to give legal services for you.

We hope that you will choose this company to represent you in your legal matters.

If you do, Moorhead law firm attorney detail services will do all it can to earn your trust and earn your business.