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Toxic torts refer to lawsuits involving claims related to toxic chemical exposure. Asbestos, benzene, chromium, lead, mold, PCBs, pesticides, petrochemicals, radiation and other cancer causing substances are examples of toxic tort claims.

Typically, toxic torts involve a large number of individuals. What may start out as one claim may have the potential of evolving into a mass tort case. While managing and defending litigation is always crucial for any company, when claims such as toxic torts arise, strong legal defense becomes increasingly vital to protect a company’s rights and economic interests.

Recognized for our work in toxic tort and environmental litigation, the attorneys at Oppegard Law Firm defend clients nationwide. Our clients include a variety of corporations, insurance companies, third party administrators, and public entities such as towns and municipalities.

The firm’s lawyers and staff provide clients with knowledge and skills derived from a wealth of experience dealing with complex toxic torts. Adept at managing large-scale litigation involving multiple plaintiffs, multiple defendants and multiple legal issues, we have the ability to maintain control over what often seems like a mountain of documents, medical records, pleadings and reports.

Whether a plaintiff or a defendant, we steadfastly protect your legal rights and best interests from moment we take your case. Our defense attorneys handle litigation in federal court and in the State Courts of Minnesota and North Dakota.

When you require defense attorneys with in-depth toxic tort experience and a proven track record of positive results, call the law firm of Oppegard Law Firm at (218) 233-8105, to learn how our expertise can benefit your business.