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A personal injury is one in which the negligence or wrongful conduct of others another causes bodily or financial harm.

Incidents resulting in personal injury are often discussed and classified according to the type of accident, injury, negligence or liability. Among numerous types of accidents are car, truck, motorcycle, construction site and workplace accidents. The kind of injuries sustained in an accident may include spinal injury, birth injury, traumatic brain injury, orthopedic injuries, burn or catastrophic injuries to name a few examples. Negligence issues apply to individuals and companies and may be associated with claims of pharmaceutical, medical or nursing home negligence. The term "liability" may be used to define other theories such as premises, product, professional, municipal and government liability.

When a personal injury occurs, circumstances surrounding the accident must be investigated and witnesses interviewed in order to determine where liability rests and the extent to which each party may be liable. In some accidents, the parties involved may share liability to some degree. Weather or road conditions may play a role in highway accidents, and cases of alleged medical errors or negligence may actually be due to unforeseeable allergic reactions or conditions that have no cure.

At the law firm of Oppegard Law Firm, we represent both plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury claims. A combination of extensive experience and access to resources, investigators and experts allows our attorneys to build substantive cases for our clients and successfully resolve the issue at hand.

Whenever possible, we do our utmost to reach a negotiated settlement and avoid costly litigation. If a personal injury claim cannot be effectively resolved through arbitration or mediation, we are always ready to present your case to a jury.

With a proven track record of successful verdicts and settlements, our attorneys represent clients in federal court and in the State Courts of Minnesota and North Dakota and the U. S. Supreme Court.

Whether you are seeking compensation for damages incurred in a personal injury accident or you are defending a claim made against you or your company, call our law firm at (218) 233-8105. We’ll put our legal team to work for you.

We offer potential clients an initial consultation at no charge, and will take personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis.