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While asbestos litigation has been on going for decades, thousands of manufacturers and suppliers of asbestos-containing products continue to face lawsuits, alleging knowledge of the asbestos health hazards, failure to warn product users about the dangers, and personal injury claims.

The U. S. Department of Labor, Occupational Health & Safety currently estimates 1.3 million employees in construction and general industry face significant asbestos exposure on the job. With statistics of such degree, litigation appears likely to remain at issue for the foreseeable future.

At the law firm of Oppegard Law Firm, our attorneys have over seventy five years experience in representing insurance companies, large corporations, in a wide range civil litigation matters, including asbestos torts. Our firm represents parties regarding claims of asbestos personal injury throughout North Dakota and Minnesota.

Broad experience in similar cases enables our attorneys to offer valuable insight, find viable solutions, and effectively protect our client’s interests in the specialized area of asbestos litigation. Our firm’s scientific and medical knowledge enhances our understanding of asbestos claims cases, and our high degree of expertise brings a sense of order and control to complicated cases involving multiple plaintiffs and multiple defendants.

When you seek our legal advice and guidance regarding asbestos litigation, our attorneys assist you in defining your goals, developing a strategy to meet your objectives and a plan of defense on your behalf. Fully understanding the time, expense and disruption of business that litigation often entails, at Oppegard Law Firm, we evaluate every case to determine whether alternative dispute resolution may offer a cost effective and expeditious means to resolve your legal conflict.

Call our law office at (218) 233-8105 to arrange a consultation to discuss your asbestos litigation concerns.